Hive Gallery Featured Artist 8/4 – 9/2/2018 (LA)

Thank you Nathan and everybody else for helping curate and install this wonderful show! Much gratitude. HIVE GALLERY Presents TWO BIG SHOWS IN AUGUST Artrates Agency presents, “Onward: Navigating the Japanese Future“. Featuring 16 up and coming artists from Japan through the month of August. “Sexy Beast“ Curator Elizabeth Rowin brings over 100 world renowned and … Continue reading Hive Gallery Featured Artist 8/4 – 9/2/2018 (LA)

2018 I-Park International Artist In Residence Program Review

Winding roads, pastel suburbia, idyllic pastures, creepy forest (initially), doors to nowhere, migrant stonewalls, moss carpentry, and trees. Trees of all shapes imaginable, tree as follicles of mother earth with veins that extend to father sky. Connecticut is a treecyclopedia. Following the end of my art exhibition at Leon Gallery in Denver this year, I went … Continue reading 2018 I-Park International Artist In Residence Program Review

Le désir de l’homme, c’est le désir de l’Autre

This is Raleigh Gardiner. How to start, Raleigh is one of the few artists whose works I am inspired by and admire. I had the opportunity to share a class with her a few years ago and got a chance to witness her quiet yet prolific work ethic. Her works have always possessed an aesthetic and thematic fluidity with growth that exemplify … Continue reading Le désir de l’homme, c’est le désir de l’Autre

Lebofsky is a Superfreak

This is Eric Lebofsky. He creates color pencil narrative drawings of quirky and charming characters with a signature wry wit that permeates his triple threat of artistic production. Inspired by the likes of Rick James, his series of Superfreaks are “superhero’s whose powers are derived from character flaws and/or transgressive behaviors, distinguishable from their civilian counterparts only by … Continue reading Lebofsky is a Superfreak

Наташа Перова + binary constructions

I follow Natasha Perova on Flickr, she’s great. By way of no glue clever bind, Natasha’s sculptural constructions examine spacial reverberations, balance, and binary concepts by way of material juxtaposition and conversing power. Leaning against, leaning onto, the current, Communism…that poor one in the middle – its you. She uses techniques of stacking, stabbing, geometry and what appears like beautiful … Continue reading Наташа Перова + binary constructions