About HERO5079 Mural







Inspired by Baba Vanga’s prophetic vision, she recalls the universe will end in 5079. Who will be our superheroes in 5079?

A school of fish, a flock of birds, we are one. HERO5079 is a cyborgian amalgamation marking the union between the visible and invisible worlds. HERO5079 is a mythological power beast; a hybrid between a dragon, snake and scorpion with 24 segmented technicandy colored sub-bodies. The beast fiercely bites the source line (we eat light!) as it flies through the sunny metaverse clouds in a rare fragment of a dream moment. The reptilian mass, gliding through the demented smog filled night galaxy, observes a now mechanized industrial earth.

HERO5079 mural is a manifestation of our future superheroes envisioned in a decentralized world where the power dynamics have shifted, giving rise to the people. HERO5079 explores the notion of claiming collective and individual power. The mural seeks to be a beacon of hope, unity, remembrance, resilience, empowerment, empathy and triumph for the marginalized.

HERO5079 mural seeks to expand perspectives to create stronger, more inclusive, connected, and united communities. Through sacred motif, language and numerology, HERO5079 is a map of auspicious and ominous universal power symbols resembling a visual and spiritual trope of abundance and protection.

See HERO5079 mural original sketch here.

Thank you tremendously to all the CVA staff and student gallery assistants for all your help and support throughout HERO5079 mural completion process, this project would not be possible without each one of you.

Here is a list of the talented artists and MSU Denver student gallery assistants who have worked on #HERO5079 mural:

❤️Allison Nicolosi-Risinger @almakes.art
🧡Anthony Telles @artwrldcreation
💙Gabriel Hutchings @gabrielhutchingsart
💜Maxwell Kwan @maxwellkwan
🤍Alexis Vasquez @__alexisv1
🖤Kat Cafaro @katcafaro
💚Basil @beige_bazil
💛Andrew Cline

Take a pictograph journey of HERO5079 mural from start to finish.


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