Featured on Orloo.com

Here is a new bit delayed, but I thought to share. An article about my last exhibition was recently featured on the popular Mongolian website Orloo.com, here is a copy of the article (in Mongolian): ЗАЛУУ ЗУРААЧ Ц. ЭРДЭНЭСҮРЭНГИЙН ЭЭЛЖИТ БИЕ ДААСАН УРАН БҮТЭЭЛ Залуу зураач Ц. Эрдэнэсүрэнгийн ээлжит бие даасан уран бүтээлийн үзэсгэлэн 2011 … Continue reading Featured on Orloo.com

Parallel Universe

I absolutely love films, all types of films, foreign and all, so you can imagine how much I enjoy reviewing works of cinematic depth. I  recently watched an animation called “The Illusionist” (by Sylvain Chomet, 2010), and re-watched a film called “The Beach” (by Danny Boyle, 2000), both of which resonated closely with me. Both films dealt with … Continue reading Parallel Universe