Multi-Touch Finger Paintings

Finger painting has just become a serious art form thanks to American artist and researcher Evan Roth, who has created a series of images that map the movement of routine tasks performed on an ipod touch entitled ‘multi-touch finger paintings’. He has taken the prints we hate, the terrible screen smudges and the interfacing motions … Continue reading Multi-Touch Finger Paintings

Papers of cream & grey

Lulu Wolf lives and breathes art. She is a Brooklyn-based artist and illustrator who creates beautiful works of collage by combining vintage magazine cut-outs and paper. Her works feel quiet but momentous as stories linger within the images. Ideas and moments float around in space between her drawings and collage until they form a perfect … Continue reading Papers of cream & grey

Color Beasts

Mike Lay’s drawings use a mix of native american pixies, mythological beasts, and hipster fashionista vampires. His work is delicate, detailed, and psychedelic with electric accents of colors and patterns that render hyperactive characters. I especially love his use of mediums and nonsensical-like drawing style. Here are a couple of my favorites, check out the … Continue reading Color Beasts

Neon Memories

The works by Anne Wölk are like a cinematic scenery. She uses film stills as her main source of inspiration to create surreal paintings that are in a permanent state of flux. Her paintings resemble a cosmos of abstraction, details, and colors, while her drawings play with text, figures, space and collage. Her works have a unique … Continue reading Neon Memories